We all have a dream, right? Whether it’s jetting off and backpacking around Europe or taking the kids on the holiday of a lifetime. Everyone has that one thing on their bucket list they so desperately want to get round to doing.

However, all too often we neglect these goals and aspirations because we’re ‘too busy with work’, ‘can’t fit it around the kids’ or ‘just don’t have time.’ These are all very common excuses we tell ourselves every single day.

It’s time to act and take some time out

But this summer, why not take some time off and make those dreams a reality. It is so important to allow yourself time to rest, refuel and enjoy yourself. The past year has placed an immense strain on so many people’s mental health because of the intense lockdowns and national restrictions. With everything finally starting to ease up, it’s time to get back out there and make this summer one to remember.

Here are some fun things you could do to challenge yourself this summer and tick off a couple of those bucket list goals:

  1. Go backpacking

Whether it’s abroad or in the UK, backpacking is always an amazing activity to get out there and do. Not only is it a fun challenge, but a fantastic way to get outdoors. Immerse yourself in nature and really refresh your mental and physical health.

Perhaps you want to backpack across the English countryside and visit natural places of beauty. Or you could take a trip to Europe and wander through exciting and vibrant cities, learning more about different cultures and traditions.

  1. Go on a trip away

Maybe backpacking isn’t for you, or you have small children who don’t want to be walking for long periods of time. Pack your bags and get going to somewhere new!

Take the kids camping for a few nights, stay in a caravan or a lodge. Taking time off to spend time with your family, especially after the last year, will bring you all closer together and allow you to do fun things once again.

  1. Go for long walks

So, maybe you don’t want to go away, or you just really can’t find the time. That’s ok! On your days off embrace nature and go on a long walk along the beach or around your local park. Walking is one of the best methods for improving mental health, there is no better healer than nature!

If you have a dream, a goal, or an aspiration, take time off this summer and do it! You deserve to pause and unwind after the last year of uncertainty and overwhelm. Challenge yourself, push yourself, get out of that comfort zone and start truly embracing your life and making the most of your time off.

For me, this is exactly what I did! I decided to embark on an 800-mile walk around the South Coast of England. And it has been one of the best things I have ever done! So, get out there and make take control of your summer.

To find out more about my adventure, look here. 



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