UK Coastal Walks

I am intending to walk the whole coastline of the UK. Not all in one go, but in a series of trips from long weekends to several months.

Section 1 – May 2021  – SWCP and beyond  – Total of 853 miles

Starting on 17th May 2021 and finishing on 2nd August 2021, I walkked from Clevedon and passed through the stunning coastline of Somerset, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset ending in Poole.  78 nights carrying my rucksack and tent, including 16 beds from kind folk, 11 B&B’s, 25 campsites and 25 wildcamping.

Section 2 – Starting April 26th 2022 – Link between Clevedon and Chepstow, the start of the Welsh Coastal Path – approx 30 miles


Section 3 – Starting 11th May 2022 – The Welsh Coastal Path, starting in Chepstow and heading North – approx 1000 miles

Due to other commitments, this coastal walk will be done in stages – see below for the full schedule



Click here for the plan and schedule

Click here for my trip diary

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