Upcoming Adventure – 700 mile walk from Clevedon to Poole

On 17th May 2021 I am going to be starting my biggest challenge yet…I will be walking 700+ miles around the beautiful coastal path from Clevedon in Somerset to Poole in Dorset.

Since 2012 I have wanted to walk and complete the South-West Coastal Path and over 3 separate weeks in 2012, 2013 and 2014, my son Russell and I walked from Lands End to Plymouth. The views were amazing and along with lots of blisters it was a great to do in all weathers and I vowed one day to do the whole coastal path in one go. I lived in Cornwall for a few years in my teens and keep being drawn back towards the sea and that wonderful coastal path.

There is something mesmerising about the sea and it brings you back to nature and just being ….allowing you to appreciate our beautiful countryside.

This challenge is going to take me 9 weeks, and I’m wanting as many people I know to join me en-route and share the experience with me aswell as raising money for charity.

I have decided to start this fabulous walk 80 miles early in memory of my Mum. Unfortunately she passed away last year and she loved her home in Clevedon. I had intended to walk from Lands End to Clevedon to see her and so I decided it was fitting to start at Clevedon Pier in tribute of my mum and to say thank you for everything including introducing me to the business I love which is allowing me to take 9 weeks to walk…. And still get paid.

I am a great advocate of recycling having been a campaigner myself at one time, and I enjoy being outside immensely.

It is this reason that I am choosing to fundraise for Plastic Oceans UK which is especially relevant to preserve our gorgeous coastline for others in the many years ahead to enjoy, the landscape, views, wildlife and fauna.

What’s even greater news is that the company I am partnered with, UW, will match fund what I raise, which I am really excited about.

Please contact me if you’d like to join me en route and savour the delights of the coastal path, or sponsor me for this fantastic charity doing great work to ensure the children of the future can also enjoy our coast and seas. https://justgiving.com/fundraising/join-davina

I am writing a weekly update on my facebook page www.facebook.com/joinDavina so please do like and share my posts.



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Davina Farrer

Like most people I want to enjoy life. We only have one shot and as a mum of 2 boys, I want it all - time to spend with them, to watch sports matches, be there for them as they grow up, travel, enjoy hobbies and spend time with friends and family, and oh yes have money coming in everyday whether or not I work!

Would you agree that this is what most people want?

Well that’s exactly what I can help people do. I work part-time with UW, and help people either save money, earn money or both. I’m in a position that I work when I want to, but still get paid for the time I don’t work as I get paid for work I did years ago - like a royalty.

By helping people save money, I show people how to can earn a full time income on part time hours PLUS build a residual income for your future.

So what I’m passionate about is giving people the same opportunity to earn an extra income, alongside what else they do to pay for those extras, pension top up, holidays, or just time off. My role is to train, mentor and support you whilst you learn the ropes and ensure success in those early days for those who want it.

This is why I am able to take 9 weeks to walk 700 miles, UW will still be paying me a residual income.

We are in crazy times where lives have been turned upside down, and so the timing is right for many as we head for a major recession.

Do you need an office to work from? Absolutely no, all we need is a phone, tablet or laptop/pc and an internet connection, so we can work anywhere in the world, so I’ll be taking my iPad and iPhone on my walk and then will still be able to help people en route.