"If you don't design your future, it will design itself"
    ... opened doors and gave me freedom to choose to travel, to relax, to enjoy some of the most amazing places on earth.
    My business carries on paying me, even when I am climbing Everest, trekking through Nepal, paragliding, skiing or walking the coastline of Devon & Cornwall
    I can show you how to design your future so you can spend your time doing what YOU love

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Do You Have Time Freedom?

Freedom To Travel Changed My Life

We all face challenges, not just balancing work and free time but also having the choice to embrace opportunities when they arise, without being limited by the time constraints of a 9 – 5 job.

Like many, I used to be on the employee treadmill, tied to an office, restricted by an annual holiday entitlement that didn’t get close to letting me enjoy long holidays, let alone follow my dream of exploring the world.

But I was fed up and tired. I knew I needed to make changes so that I could have more freedom. I found the solution. I worked hard and designed the future I wanted for myself…… and I can show you how to do the same things I did.

Do you:

  • Work longer hours than contracted?
  • Have a job you don’t like?
  • Frequently run out of money?
  • Lack self esteem at work?
  • Fear losing your job?


  • Pay for child care when you work?
  • Have 2 or more kids?
  • Rely on your parents?
  • Miss out on sports days / assemblies
  • Want your own money?


  • Lack self esteem & confidence after raising a family?
  • Want your own income?
  • Want to be able to afford nice holidays?
  • Lack time for adventure holidays?

Life experiences & Time freedom

Have you created enough memories to reflect on and tell your kids / grandkids?

Do you want to go away on adventures more often?

Have you thought you’d like to travel for a month or two at a time? Become a Digital Nomad?

Does your job / boss allow you to do this?

If you were away from work for a few months, would you still get paid? Would your job or business run smoothly without you when you’re not there?

Would you like to take your kids on a camping or motor home adventure during the summer holidays? Can you take the time off?

Time Freedom Doesn't Have to Be a Dream

I have the solution. Especially in these times of the cost of living squeeze. By partnering with me with UW, you can work flexibly and build a passive / recurring income that allows you to be paid whatever you are doing.

The flexibility my business gives is allowed me to spend 11 weeks in the Spring 2021 to complete my 850 mile walk of the Devon & Cornwall coastline.

Can you walk away from your job or business for 11 weeks & still get paid?

Be consistent for 3-5 years on a part time basis and with the company training as well as my hands on support you too can have the time freedom to choose where you want to go.

If you feel you don’t have time, think about what will happen if you don’t make any changes today. All we suggest is use your TV time to build your future, and remember most people initially build their business alongside their full time job.

If, like me you like holidays, then, on your journey with UW, (assuming you are consistent in your activity and results), you will also qualify for some fantastic FREE holidays, this year alone we have the choice of a trip to Jordan and Israel for two, a family forest holiday in the UK or a long weekend to Barcelona.  All are luxury trips and usually include pocket money too.

I’ve previously qualified for Paris, Budapest and Prague.

If you are looking for a better work / life balance or to redesign your life so you can have time freedom and step off the employee treadmill I can help....

Click here to read more about what I do and how I can help you to become time free!