Have you always considered doing something for charity but just “never gotten round to it”?

You may feel that you can’t do something for charity as you’re just not a marathon runner or a mountain climber.

However, it isn’t always about the grandest feat or most impossible challenge. Believe me. No matter how big or small, any method of giving to charity is something everyone should do for several reasons.

Why should you do something for charity?

  1. It is helping to make a difference. Even if you’re Everest is much smaller than someone else’s, the act of charity fundraising or donation WILL be helping to make a difference somewhere in the world. Just imagine if no one gave anything, then think; Even the smallest of donations add up and contribute to something greater. If you can’t fundraise a million pounds, it doesn’t mean you won’t be adding to something far greater and be making the largest difference to somebody less fortunate.
  2. You will experience a feel-good factor! There is always the selfish side to giving… it gives YOU a sense of fulfillment, of purpose, and satisfaction of knowing that you are helping somebody to live a better life in some way. Good deeds are always worth it for that feel-good factor!
  3. It’s fun! You can do something you really enjoy whilst spending time productively. You can also see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself. It doesn’t have to be a marathon stretch… Maybe you’re not a runner at all but you want to challenge yourself to become some kind of runner on a smaller scale.

Set yourself an achievable goal and set up a donations page and ask for sponsorship for your journey. Again, any donation, big or small, will ALWAYS be making a difference. Fundraising events are also always great fun to throw or attend! And the contributions made by having fun somewhere in the world could be life-changing somewhere else… Now isn’t that a wonderful thing?

But what can you do for charity personally?

Below are some very achievable ways to raise money and have fun!

  • Donating: Donating any sum of money will make a difference, whether it be a monthly donation or a one-time offering. Every little helps! You could also always donate the thing you no longer see as valuable to you but could be greatly beneficial to someone else. Clothes donations are a great place to start. There are also great schemes such as toy box schemes that help put a small on the face of a child in need.
  • Any form of volunteering is great! Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, animal shelters or just helping at any small local charity is a great way to get involved on a small and manageable scale.
  • Charity runs, walks, swims are always going on to get involved with. Again, these events aren’t always something to fear if you’re not the sporty type. You can see these events to challenge yourself, making your fundraising more important to you and others. And, on the other hand, this doesn’t have to be fitness-related. You can always find something else entirely that you find challenging and decide a way that you can strive to achieve it whilst raising money for those in need.

My 11-week adventure was the perfect way for me to contribute towards charity giving. I have been walking 850 miles over an 11-week period to raise money for Plastic Oceans UK. This seems all the more important whilst completing my coastal walks.

I appreciated the rawness and beauty of nature by the sea. I am a great advocate of recycling, and so wanted to do something that would challenge me whilst contributing to the battle against something I feel and care strongly about.

davina hiking up a hill

You can read more about my journey on my page by clicking the link here or sponsor me for this fantastic charity at my Just Giving page. 

Be sure to follow my journey on my social media and get thinking… What can YOU do to make a difference?!


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