Have you ever thought about becoming a part of the UW Team? Finding out the benefits of joining the UW team would be beneficial for you. Did you know that you could become a part of the team? On the outside to many, Utility Warehouse may just seem like any other utility company. However, it’s so much more than that and so unique in what it does.

UW started out with a conversation in a pub about how to make people’s life easier, rather than spending their life sorting out different utilities. Their aim was to be able to spend a minimum amount of time doing bills, so they could enjoy life more. Below are the benefits of joining the UW team.

The Benefits of Joining the UW Team

1. Creating a Social Life

 Conversations were what started UW and that is one thing that is at the heart of UW. When you become a team member of Utility Warehouse your main role is going to be having conversations with people and showing them how you can help them. This has allowed many people to make new friends, which many find difficult to do. It helps to add a social aspect to your life. You get to really know your team and you become a family.

2. Working/ Life Balance

Working as a partner for UW opens so many opportunities, from people who are retired, to small business owners, to families, to students. It is a great opportunity for so many people, you can fit it around your everyday life. You are in control of your own hours so you can decide how much time you want to invest in the company.

People join UW for a number of different reasons. Sometimes this is because they are unable to work, they may want to save or add extra income each month. No matter what your circumstance you can fit it around your lifestyle.

There have been some people who run a business who like to run UW alongside their business. Whilst others have been able to work part-time due to the income they earn. This means they have more time for the family as well as being able to do things they love.

3. Creating Opportunities

UW opens new opportunities for you. You’re rewarded for your hard work, and this often results in you being gifted holidays, being able to travel to locations you may never have thought you could afford or would get to go to. It enables people to travel the world and make the most out of life. It gives you your time back to do things you enjoy doing in life.

4. Extra Income

One of the great benefits of working with UW is the financial security it can provide you with. There are two different ways in which you can earn money through UW, which includes signing people up and then through residual income. So many people have benefitted from the residual income and said how much security it gives them. It’s allowed them to save, retire early or even pay off debts they never thought they would be able to.

Recently this residual income allowed me to take 11 weeks off to backpack. I walked 850 miles around the South West Coastal Path this summer knowing that all my bills and then some were paid whilst I was walking.

Many people may be put off working for UW, you might think it is just another company wanting you to sell products to people. One of the best aspects about UW is the fact that you are not selling products to people, you are helping people to save money.

We all pay utility bills and especially during our current climate with Furlough ending and the energy prices increasing, we could all do with being able to save money. Not forgetting being able to make money to help cover these extra costs. The fact that you could be helping people who may otherwise struggle to pay bills is rewarding and why people love being a part of the team.

Are you interested in becoming part of this social, enthusiastic team and maybe even joining me on the next free holiday at the same time? If so, get in touch with me today for a chat.

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