We’re well into November now and that means that Christmas is just around the corner! The temperature is dropping. Whilst that means getting out and about is a little harder, it doesn’t mean that your outdoor adventures need to stop. You may just need to wrap up a little warmer. Try these winter bucket list ideas below.

Here at Join Davina, I’m all about getting outdoors and trying new adventures. I love keeping active throughout the whole year. So, I thought I’d provide you with a few festive (but still adventurous) ideas. These will keep you entertained over the holiday period.

7 Winter Bucket List Ideas

Winter Hiking

If hiking is one of your favourite activities, don’t let the chilly seasons stop you! Wrap up warm, grab a thermos and get hiking! Or alternatively, plan your walk around a pub! The change in season can change the scenery of a familiar walk almost completely. This is sometimes the refresh you need! If you’re struggling to find trials locally and don’t want to get lost, use apps such as AllTrails. This will help you plan a safe, well-traveled route that suits your capability!

Ice Skating 

Ice skating is a great festive activity for all ages! Not only does it get you out in the fresh air, but you get the thrill of gliding across the ice. Are you a little clumsier and struggle with skating? Never mind, it can still be a great laugh to get out and about with friends or family. Temporary Ice Rinks seem to pop up across the country this time of year! So, why not have a look and see where you can skate locally near you?

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Are you struggling to think of a festive activity that gets the kids out in the fresh air? Why not try a winter scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunts help young people to develop their observational skills, whilst educating them about the environment. They are also a great way to keep them entertained! Trees are a little barer and some animals are hibernating. However, there’s still plenty to find in the woods in winter. There are plenty of online printouts like this one here, so you and the kids can get out and explore the local environment!

Make Bird Feeders

As birds don’t hibernate, they often struggle in the winter months and mostly rely on the food we leave out for them. If you feel like making the extra effort to look after your local wildlife, why not try making a bird feeder? Making a bird feeder is a simple, cheap, and entertaining activity that can be enjoyed by any age group! They can even be made out of plastic bottles, like this tutorial from the natural history museum shows! Once you’ve made your bird feeder, sit back and watch out for birds looking for a tasty snack!

Make a Wreath

Decorations are often a vital part of the holiday season, but there is much debate over when is the perfect time to put them up! If you’re ready for the festive season and want to start more subtly you could always try making a wreath! There are plenty of online tutorials on making wreaths and this simple activity can be enjoyed by all the family! Making your own wreath adds a personal touch to your Christmas decorations and shopping for craft supplies is always great fun! If you’re feeling creative (or want a cheaper option), you could always use the materials you’ve gathered from your winter scavenger hunt!

UK Festive Swims

Now this suggestion is not for the faint hearted but very much fits our adventurous, outdoorsy brief! Festive swims take place all over the UK. On Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day, brave individuals plunge into the ocean to raise money for good causes! What better way to celebrate the holidays than challenging yourself whilst also committing an act of goodwill? Obviously, this activity won’t be suitable for everyone but if you’re interested find out more here!

Winter Markets Are a MUST For Winter Bucket List Ideas

Adventure, admittedly, isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a more relaxed winter activity pop down to a winter market and check out the stalls on offer! Winter markets pop up across the UK at this time of year and are a great way to support local businesses and creators whilst doing some Christmas shopping! So, if all the adventurous activities suggested above have tired you out, why not browse your local Christmas markets and treat yourself to the unique and handmade delicacies on offer.

The holiday season doesn’t mean your outdoor activities have to stop. We hope our winter bucket list examples above have proved this! What are your plans over the Christmas break? Do you have any strange family traditions? Leave a reply and let me know if you’re planning to try any of our suggestions! Don’t forget to check out my other blogs here.


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