The UK energy price cap is increasing a drastic amount. That, amongst other expenses increasing, it can be a very scary time for many. We are all looking at ways in which we can cut down on our energy bills to help save money! This blog will explore my top 15 money-saving tips in the home.

How can you save money in the home?

 Firstly, you need to have the right mindset. If you’re not willing to make simple, effective changes, then you won’t succeed. However, with the right positive mindset, and being able to adapt your habits, you will soon see a HUGE difference! Soon you will be able to save some pennies and put them towards life’s big adventures!

Start picturing life with more money in your bank. Start thinking about the adventures you can go on. Stop worrying about the rising cost of living. Adapting the right mindset will allow you to make effective changes in the home to save money.

My top 10 money-saving tips in the home

There are so many ways in which you can easily reduce your energy usage. You’ll be surprised at how much these little things could save!

1. Turn off standby

When devices are left on standby, they are still using energy. So, by turning your devices off standby you could save £55 a year.

2. Draught-Proof gaps including windows and doors

This could cut down your energy bills by 2%. Have a walk around your house and feel for any drafts you can feel coming in. Some people swear by putting cling film on their windows to keep the heat in and this has proved to work! Something to consider.

3. Turn off the lights and use LED bulbs instead

Switching to LED bulbs are a lot more efficient than your normal bulb and last a lot longer. They use half the energy of a bigger spiral energy-saving bulb, which many people have probably gotten to help reduce money!

4. Wash your clothes at 30 degrees and do fuller loads

Make sure you do fewer loads but fuller ones! Plus, who wants to do laundry every day anyway?

5. Use washing lines and airers

When you’ve washed your clothes avoid using a tumble dryer to dry your clothes. Instead, use airers and washing lines!

6. Shorten your shower time to just 4 minutes

Doing this could reduce your energy bill by £65 a year as well as help to reduce your water bill!

7. Swap one bath a week for a shower

Showers use far less water than a bath does. So, try to consider this switch.

8. Don’t overfill your kettle

The kettle is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen and it is often overfilled. Think about how many cups you are making it fill it to the relevant lines.

9. Reduce your dishwasher usage by one run a week

Just by making this small and subtle change, it can make all the difference.

10. Insulate your hot water cylinder

An uninsulated tank will quickly lose its heat. By insulating your cylinder, you will be saving energy. You can read how to do this here.

11. Make use of eco settings

Eco settings may make the appliance take longer. This is because they take longer to heat the water up. However, they will be saving you energy and money in the long term!

12. Close your curtains at night

Allow the sunlight to come in during the day to warm the house. However, as soon as the sun goes down, draw the curtains. This helps your house to retain some of the heat generated throughout the day! Don’t forget to not let your curtains drape over your radiator. Prop the curtains up onto the windowsill to make the most of the heat from the radiator.

13. Reduce your thermostat

One of the most obvious tips is to reduce your thermostat, you would be surprised at how much just cutting your thermostat by 1 degree will save.

For each degree you cut down will cut the bill by 4% a year which is around £65 a year!

18 degrees has been said to be in enough for a healthy adult! When it comes to the heating, there has always been a debate about whether it should be left on all day on low or just turned on when needed. It is more efficient to just turn the heating on when needed!

14. When cooking, use lids

Simple but effective. This helps your food to heat up faster meaning you won’t be using your appliance for any longer than needed.

15. Switch to Utility Warehouse

Currently, UW is the only supplier that is offering customers on a variable energy tariff a guaranteed discount of up to 5% below the price cap set by the government! It seems like a no brainer!

Are you ready to save money?

I hope you have found my top 15 money-saving tips in the home useful. You might think £50 or £65 a year is not much when you read each of these tips. However, when you add them all up, it could take quite a chunk out of your annual energy bill. Not only will it help you save money, but it is also having a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

At the moment you won’t find any energy companies that are cheaper than the energy price cap except for UW! By switching to UW, you could save money on not only your energy bill but all your bills. We can sit down with you and go through all your bills and show you how we can help you to reduce them. Energy prices are increasing, national insurance is on the increase. Plus, the cost of your weekly shop is now averaging more! There really has never been a better time to look at reducing your outgoings. Contact me today to find out how I can help you more.

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