The ‘New Year- New Me’ outlook is always a bit of a far-fetched goal. Unrealistic, and frankly a bit damaging. The New Year doesn’t need to be about doing a whole new identity renewal. Instead, it can be the motivation needed for taking charge of the direction of your life. It can mean altering your path more to what you want to get from life. There are always goals that can be smaller, more obtainable, and yet make all the difference to the way you’re living your life at present. A new year can be full of new adventures.

What can you try this year?

There are so many different types of goals, from starting new hobbies to perfecting old skills. From joining a book club to finally finishing the first draft of that book you’ve been meaning to write. There are so many different types of goals that can be set. It can be almost overwhelming with opportunity and motivation. The idea of crossing things off the old bucket list can be motivation to get up and do something new and exciting. For instance, this April I will be doing the Wales Coastal Walk. Having walked the South-West Coastal path last year, it’s now something I can’t wait to do. 

This could be the New Year to achieve dreams. 2022 could be the year of the big and the small aspirations. Be a part of it all and make the change you want to see implemented into your life. This is a callout to all beginner writers or newbie hikers to make the first move and begin the journey to doing what you’ve always wanted to!

Endless possibilities lie ahead in the next 12 months

Goals don’t just have to be the ones surrounding lifestyle. Perhaps you have ambitions in your career, or you simply want to work in a way that is more time effective. Make this year the year that you thrive in your job, reset the mind, and go into this year with your head held high. Allow yourself to be empowered in your position. Take small steps, and look for opportunities to advance, if that is what you want to look for in your job.

Are you looking to find alternative ways to make money? To give yourself more financial freedom, or to start saving towards your adventures? If this sounds like you, reach out to me today and we can brainstorm the many opportunities I know of that can help top up your bank each month! Recurring income is the way forward. Living life and earning at the same time! Message me to find out more.

There are so many ways to look at the New Year, especially with what 2021 brought. However, let’s try and go into 2022 with optimism and reach for exactly what we deserve. Goals don’t need to be huge, and they come in all different aspects of life. They can be subtle or blatantly obvious. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re doing it for all the good reasons. The media pressures us to think that joining the gym is the only way to feel good in the New Year. However, it might just end up being a waste of time, money, and resolution! So, think hard about what you want for 2022!

A new year full of new adventures

Change can be scary, but change can be so valuable if you’re open to it. It’s a new year, full of new dreams and adventures. It’s your chance to make changes and earn extra part-time income to allow these choices! Give yourself the freedom to make choices that would previously have been unobtainable.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a little bit more income can make on the way we enjoy life. Allow yourself to experience new things, to go to new places, and more!

There is a world of new adventures out there waiting for you to get involved and start living. Second earning opportunities could be exactly what you need as a New Year’s goal this year, and you’re one step closer! Contact me for information about how you can start earning the residual income you need to be able to pursue that new hobby you’ve always wanted to do!


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