Work life Balance


What does work life balance mean to you?

What does work life balance mean to you? To most people it means having it all. Enjoying your work so it doesn’t feel like work but more importantly spending time with family and creating memories, however that means to them.

But right now we live in a world of uncertainty, and what’s happened with the latest coronavirus pandemic has shown how our financial and life situation can change at a drop of a hat, so gone are the holiday plans, and for many it’s now a case of survival.

Taking aside illness, health and the loss of loved ones, many people are using this time to really look at their lives and as Benjamin Franklin said “ Out of adversity comes opportunity”

This pandemic has brought up lots of questions about what we want to do in our life. It’s brought reflection time, do we want to be on the hamster wheel we call commuting, or do we want to be outside enjoying nature and spending time with our family and loved ones.

I feel blessed and the fact that I was offered an opportunity to build an upfront and residual income with low risk alongside my other commitments. Several times over the last few years it’s been a lifesaver, including family redundancies, and more recently the ability to spend several months with my mum in the year before she died. Precious time which I can’t get back, and thankfully not having to worry about bills and keeping a roof over my head as that was already paid for by work I’d done previously.

I love what I do, it allows me to help people in many ways, have the flexibility of spending time with the kids as they grew up and now creating even more memories with exciting goals and plans. This flexibility my business gives is allowing me to spend the nine weeks to complete my 700 mile walk.

What do I want most in the next five years? To help as many people who would like to create that same time freedom – work life balance so they can explore the world as they like and create their own special memories.

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